About Us

Ed McCulloch

May 14 , 2020

About Us

Club 57 is located in the downtown district of Cloverdale, BC. Owned and operated by a passionate three person show but fuelled by the love and support of many.

Although we are a skateshop, our brands are dedicated to more than just skaters.

All walks of life roll thru but theres a special spot in our hearts for the misfits, screw ups and the ones who never really felt like they belonged.

We believe everyone deserves a safe space to be loved and call home.

We strive to promote support towards creatives finding their true selves.

We thank anyone that has ever decided to come to us for something they might be looking for. It enables our brick and mortar space to stand strong and be alive for our local community in a time where these spaces are quite rare.

Our in house brands....

All our designs and clothing are hand drawn and screen printed in house with specialty pieces hand sewn.

The love for art, creativity and support for the youth is what keeps us going.

Welcome to the Club 57 & Miami High Family.